Film Emperor’s Adorable Wife From Ancient Times – Chapter 16

In the past two days, on the hot topic list of Weibo,
#AdorablyHandsomeStand-InLittleBrother#, more and more people joined the discussion, and the heat continued. 

However, Yang Anyu did not know this.

Compared with brushing Weibo and playing games, Yang Anyu prefers to read books. Moreover, today he also received posters and photo albums signed by Yi Chenyan. 
Yang Anyu held them in his arms and was happy enough to roll around in bed.

Since discovering that the strange number is Yi Chenyan, he has become more and more fond of Yi Chenyan. Of course, it is the kind of “like” that fans have for idols.
In addition to listening to Yi Chenyan’s songs, Yang Anyu often visits his weibo and fan forums. The news on Weibo and Twitter’s homepage will certainly not be missed. 

Regardless of his past life, he now truly admires Yi Chenyan’s acting skills and likes his songs. 
Yang Anyu also collected a bunch of photos of Yi Chenyan, and there are many video resources. When he is free, he will watch the movies and TV series he starred in, as well as some variety shows. 

However, the posters and photobooks have to be secretly hidden. He can’t brazenly stick it on the wall. If the goods were to seen by Yi Chenyan, he definitely has to find a hole to drill in. 

Unconsciously, he learned to chase stars. Yang Anyu was a bit distressed, but who told his general to be modern, still so handsome and so attractive. 
After collecting the precious signature posters and photo albums, Yang Anyu used the mobile phone to board the fan group of Yi Chenyan. He wanted to see if anyone discussed Yi Chenyan’s situation in B city, or sent some follow-up trips.

As a result, he saw a photo, but the person in the photo turned out to be himself?! 
Yang Anyu was scared. 

The big long legs of the brother: Hahaha, Isn’t he cute and handsome? 
Doudou Jun: Well, the stand-in younger brother is cute. I heard that he is only in his early twenties. Hey, what are we gonna do about this, old aunts? 
A Mu Mu: No, no, no, people are forever 18 years old (*/ω\*)
Doudou Jun: [Hehe] As long as you are happy.
Nan Nan: What is the situation? What are you guys talking about, who is he? 
The big long legs of the brother: Nan Nan, you still don’t know! Hurry up to Weibo, go see the stand-in brother on the hot topic list, read and understand.
Nan Nan: Going now! 

Yang Anyu also boarded Weibo, saw the #AdorablyHandsomeStand-InLittleBrother# on the hot list, and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. 

After clicking into this topic, a side face photo of Yang Anyu smiling shows up. 
The topic host is a marketing blogger. Usually, he will send out news and updates of various big-name stars, as well as some paragraphs, but this time the content is about a stand-in brother——

[Introduction: The Republic of China drama “Boxer” is broadcasted, we know the handsome and steady Jiang Yunxue, and the other “Jiang Yunxue” hidden behind the screen is the substitute of the male lead Yu Siyuan. Isn’t this little brother handsome and adorable, making people want to take him home in minutes?]

In the following discussion, someone uploaded a photo of Yang Anyu. In the photo, Yang Anyu’s fists in both hands are ready to open. Although his bangs are blown by the wind, the clear eyebrows are quite beautiful, he looks very comfortable.

Geniecillo: When we went to the set of the movie, we saw this substitute brother who was playing against Yi Chenyan at that time! 
Shake S Properly_: Wow wow wow! This stand-in brother is really handsome! 
An aunt: Looks adorable, but also laughs especially sweet!

Seeing that everyone is boasting about himself, stunned Yang Anyu gradually became proud. He continued to scroll down and then saw a small video. 
He doesn’t know which big god actually was able to took out Yang Anyu’s draft video. Although it was only a short 20 seconds, it was obviously his performance in the “Voice of Tomorrow” re-election. The clear singing voice was matched with the handsome dance movement, which was enough to impress many netizens.

In the comment area, some of the fans of Yi Chenyan heard the song “The Limit” and became more interested in Yang Anyu.

More informed sources revealed that the identity of this younger brother is not simple. He is a student of the Chengyu Film Academy and is also likely to be the young master of the Yang family. 
This is good, “the little brother” is cute and handsome, and has a lot of money, attracting countless girls, screaming “marriage”!

Yang Anyu’s brows were raised, it seems that there are so many great gods on the Internet. 

After that, a netizen named “Shallow Memory 169” put a set of P pictures. 
[It is said that in the “Boxer”, the male actor Jiang Yunxue’s almost all of the play is completed by this substitute brother, and when the face of Yu Siyuan and him changed, there is no sense of contradiction, but just right!]
This person should be Yu Siyuan’s black fan. These P pictures were shared a lot. Yu Siyuan’s dead loyal fans of course grouped up and bombarded. They criticized that person in the comments. 

Some fans even more cynical that Yang Anyu’s eyes were ugly and looked like two scorpions. They thought that he’s going to borrow Yu Siyuan’s hype. It’s clear that he hasn’t even debuted!
There are still people who spit Yang Anyu’s singing skills, how did they get the Voice of Tomorrow? This year, some people are even more crazy about it. 

After the discussion area became messy, Yang Anyu felt wronged. He really didn’t want to see himself and Yu Siyuan involved, and simply quit Weibo. 

Is this a real accident, or is there someone behind the scenes whose interest laying in this? Yang Anyu thought about his brother Yang Jue first, but he thought about it and immediately vetoed it. 

On the rainy night, he ran home to see Yi Chenyan. On the second day, Yang Jue was angry and educated him. He also said that as long as he listened to his words, he could enter the company in the future. After all, the entertainment circle was too messy.

There must be a cause for it, but Yang Anyu did not understand it for a moment. Putting on the headphones, he chose to listen to the songs and read a book. For the time being, he was too lazy to manage these things. The online popularity was only temporary. After a few days, he feel that it should come to pass. 

But Yu Siyuan is not as open-minded as Yang Anyu. 

Looking at #AdorablyHandsomeStand-InLittleBrother# This topic has always been hot, Yu Siyuan has been in a bad mood these days, and has repeatedly pushed down a few small advertising endorsements.

Yan Feng is also half-dead. After the “Boxer” broadcast, it is necessary to create news and topic enthusiasm, but the current situation is completely different from what he had expected. No matter how bad it is, it cannot rely on Yang Anyu as a temporary substitute. What’s about this speculation! 

The news quickly spread to Yang Jue, and Yang Jue was shocked. Then he thought about it. He felt that this matter was not simple. He sent someone to investigate it. 
He can hire the water army to brush out a new topic and suppress this one, but thinking about his brother’s desire to enter the entertainment circle, Yang Lan began to worry and entangled. 

The “little brother” unexpectedly became popular on the Internet. When Yang Anyu went to school recently, some people were blocking the entrance. Some paparazzi who heard the gossip also stared at him. 
At this time, Tang Guo finally became a qualified bodyguard. He was wearing black sunglasses and black suit, and he was still wearing a face, one by one blocked the people, and of course, the clever Yang Anyu slipped away. 

During the break, Guo Lixu raided from behind and suddenly caught Yang Anyu’s neck. 
“You are too lucky to forget! You kid, we haven’t been on TV yet, but you are unexpectedly hot topic even when you are eliminated.” After that, he patted Yang Anyu’s head again. 
“I didn’t wanted to.” Yang Anyu spread his hand, helplessly, “I blame my value is too high, too attractive, I am also very troubled.” 
“Cut!” Guo Lixu gave him a glance, then released his hand, ” Yang Anyu, you are not pretending, are you?” 
“Ha ha…” Yang Anyu broke the sound and laughed. “No… no, I want to laugh when I see you, I can’t stop it.” 
“Hey, I’m funny? This young master is clearly so handsome!”
“Hmm, Guo brother is the most handsome!” Yang Anyu laughed. 
At the beginning, his impression of Guo Lixu was not good. He believed that Guo Lixu was a well-rounded, but arrogant young master. Slowly getting along, Yang Anyu found that this person loves you, but the EQ is low, he doesn’t know how to deal with people who has a good impression on him and has a unexpected innocence. 

“Right, Xiao Yu, Qin Nuoxi seems to have something to worry about.” 
“What is it?” Yang Anyu’s expression became serious.
“We will officially record the third episode of “The Voice of Tomorrow” next week, but in the previous rehearsal activities, Qin Nuoxi’s mood was not good, and the guy named Shen Donghao, his attitude has always been bad, sometimes deliberately targeted him!” In the end, Guo Lixu bit his teeth. 
“Well, I will talk with Qin Nuoxi.” 

At night, in the Current Bar
Yang Anyu went to Qin Noxi, he just finished singing and was chatting with the bartender Kyle at the bar. 
Kyle first saw Yang Anyu and waved at him: “Interesting, this is another Mr. Yang.” Yang Anyu did not understand. 
Qin Nuoxi’s peach blossom eyes were like a smile. “Yang Jue already came to me yesterday, and it changed to you today. You brothers are really funny .” “That’s really good.” Yang Anyu laughed twice. It seems that Yang Jue is more concerned about Qin Nuoxi than he imagined. 

“Xiao Yu, Nuoxi you two talk slowly .” Kyle brother went to the side, not waiting for Yang Anyu to ask what, Qin Nuoxi just smiled: “You also come to me for the ‘Voice of Tomorrow’?” 
Yang Anyu nodded. “Nuoxi, I heard that you’re feeling down, is that related to Shen Donghao? “
“…… ” Qin Nuoxi was silent for a moment, apparently did not want to talk about this person. 
“Sorry, I asked something I shouldn’t ask, you don’t need to say it.” Yang Anyu smiled and then took Qin Nuoxi’s hand. “I will support you anyway! Nuoxi, when you will be on TV, you can let more people hear your own songs.” 

Qin Nuoxi’s hand trembled and hung down: “Xiao Yu, I don’t want to go to TV, I am a little scared.” 
“Afraid?” Yang Anyu was shocked. 
“My home is not here, my dad doesn’t like music either.” 
Qin Nuoxi is a foreigner. He came to work in S City alone. He did not tell his father that he will participate in the Voice of Tomorrow. 
“But you like music, like to stand on the stage, isn’t it true?”
“…” Qin Nuoxi was asked, and he slowly looked at Yang Anyu’s bright eyes, then smiled. “Yes.” 

He knows the darkness of the entertainment industry, the final champion is probably already selected.
Yang Jue also said that he does not have to participate in this talent show, he can sign himself directly. However, Qin Nuoxi wants to prove himself and solve some misunderstandings about him.
He also wants to see if he can go into the circle if he only depends on himself.
“Nuoxi, I believe you, it will be no problem!”

After another two days, the storm about “Little Brother” has gradually subsided. That morning, Yang Anyu received a call from Director Zhou.

 “Hello… Director Zhou, are you looking for me?” Yang Anyu couldn’t believe it. 
“Well, I was. Xiao Yu, do you want to play in a movie?”

Hey there! I know it’s late but we just were too into our holiday and finally seeing our families so… Sorry ಥ_ಥ
Our holiday is sadly over. So we will be back at our weekly chapters! We changed the release day from Friday to Sunday. So do not forget to check the updates on Sundays!!
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