FEAWFAT – Chapter 14

He Yi, who pressed the red light, was expressionless and didn’t say much. 

The music equipment on the scene suddenly went wrong. Everyone was bewildered. Although he recognized the ability of Yang Anyu as a newcomer, and also found that his modern dance was good, Yang Anyu’s singing skills could not pass him.

Jiang Ziqian hesitated for a moment, his hand was stagnant at the red light, but in the end he changed his decision and lit up the green light.

“Yang Anyu, I seem to like you a little.” Jiang Ziqian winked at Yang Anyu. 
Yang An Yu was still confused. Altough he was not very comfortable with this joke, he replied with a “thank you”. 
Jiang Ziqian laughed, said nothing and did not continue to tease him. 

However, the two remaining judges were thoughtful and did not lit the green light up. The host smiled a bit: “Mr. Huang, Teacher Hu, would you please talk about it?”

In fact, the host understood the judges. It seems that Yang President personally issued the order, in this contest, regardless of the performance of Yang Anyu, he must be brushed down.

Yang Jue does not intend to let his younger brother enter the circle, and now that Yang Anyu’s rumors are everywhere, it is best to have him fade out of people’s attention, and rumors will gradually calm down.

Yang Anyu seems to have guessed their difficulties. He smiled slightly: “Dear judges, in fact, today having you listen to me singing this song, I am already satisfied, thank you for your applause!”

Then, not even waiting for them to react, Yang Anyu left the stage. His smile was very open-minded and he walked very well.

That day, except for Yang Anyu, Qin Nuoxi and Guo Lixu were selected. 

In a hot pot restaurant near the TV station, Yang Anyu, who was clearly unsuccessful, was happier than the two of them. He took the initiative to treat and celebrate them.

“Nuoxi, I will wait for you to go to TV. I will definitely vote for you when you arrive!” Yang Anyu laughed. 
Qin Nuoxi nodded, there seemed to be another thought in his heart. 
“Hey, what about me?” Guo Lixu next to him called.

After getting along for a long time, he gradually learned about Yang Anyu’s temper. This person is sometimes very careless, sad things are rarely mentioned. It seems that as long as he sleeps, he will forget all his troubles.
“Hey, Guo Shao, the road is difficult in the future. If you are small, you can’t continue to play.” Yang Anyu’s expression was dignified, but suddenly he laughed. “You try not to be the last one, haha.”

“Really! You can’t say anything nice.” Guo Shao angrily replied. 
“Guo Shao surely is domineering!” Yang Anyu naughtly smiled, his hand was fast and took a piece of beef from the pot with chopsticks. “This piece is for me.” 
“Hey! Yang Anyu, leave some meat for me.” 

Wanxin Jingyuan, at 10:30 in the evening, Yang Anyu was alone in the home.

Yi Chenyan was busy with work these days and could not go home. Tang Guo had something at home, his mother needed him to take care of her illness, so he took a few days off and could not accompany Yang Anyu.
Recalling the scene during the daytime was like a dream. No longer need to train hard, Yang Anyu fell into the bed weakly, as if every cell in his body was powerless.

Suddenly, Yang Anyu remembered that there was also a “friend.” He pulled the phone out of the bag and decided to send a text message to the strange number. 
Since he couldn’t live up to the expectations of the other party, he should apologize. 
What should I say? Yang Anyu was not very clear, the other party seems to be a person who does not like to talk much, so Yang Anyu deleted and changed the message, finally sent three words——

[I am sorry.]

However, the other party has not replied.

The next day was Saturday.
Yang Anyu insisted on running in the morning and boxing, so he rarely wake up late.

At 7:00, Yang Anyu heard the doorbell. 

There was a glimmer of expectation in his heart so Yang Anyu hurriedly opened the door. The result was not the one he wanted to see. Standing outside the door was a serious Yang Jue.

“Brother?” Yang Anyu was surprised. In his impression, Yang Jue has never been to take initaive to visit him like this. 
“What, won’t you welcome me?”
Yang Jue noticed that Yang Anyu’s eyes dimmed but he did not care about it. The tone seemed to have eased a lot compared to before.

Yang Anyu shook his head and took the gift from Yang Lan’s hand. He said: “Come in, brother, you should be here for the first time.” 
Yang Jue coughed twice, slightly awkward, so it seems like I was a very cold and ruthless brother.

Yang Lan looked around in the house. He was basically satisfied with the decoration and furnishings. He had to admit that Yi Chenyan’s taste was very good. However, two married cohabitants have two different bedrooms at home.

“Yang Anyu, I thought you two had already offered to devote yourself, I didn’t expect you to sleep in separete rooms.” Yang Jue was a bit speechless. 
Yang Anyu blushed and hurriedly shook his head: “We…”
He really didn’t know how to explain it. 
Yang Jue frowned, it was clear that Yi Chenyan was abandoning this kid.
“Brother, we get along very well.”
After a long time, Yang Anyu took out only such a sentence. 

This is too fake! Yang Jue feels that his younger brother is deceiving himself. It is probably that when he encounters Yi Chenyan, this kid becomes stupid and he does not know how many wrongs he has been suffered in the dark.

“Yang Anyu, no one should accompany you this weekend, it is better for you to go home with me for two days.” 
This was his purpose today. 
After thinking for a while, Yang Jue said it. After all, with his younger brother Yang Anyu who is talking so calmly, he is still a little unaccustomed.

“Follow you back… Back to Yang family’s house?” Yang Anyu was at a loss. 
“What, Yang family’s house is also your home!” Yang said, “Don’t forget that you are my brother.” 
He listened to Assistant Feng about to check the situation. He watched the video of Yang Anyu’s performance on that day. To be honest, this younger brother gave him no small surprise, he couldn’t help but reflect: this time, maybe he was wrong.

Later, Qin Nuoxi also came to the company to meet him. His tone was taunted and asked if Yang Jue was doing something behind his back.
Yang Jue could not explain much. He felt that Qin Nuoxi’s impression of him greatly reduced.

“Do you really want me to go back?” 
Yang Anyu once again asked, after Yang Peng’s death, Yang Anyu never returned to the Yang family. Everyone in the family hated him and did not welcome him. 
“Don’t be afraid, just follow me.” 
Yang Anyu froze again. This brother seems to be “gentle”. He nodded and smiled: “Well, I will go back with you.”

After leaving home, he sat on his brother’s car. In the car, Yang Anyu thought about calling Li Ye and informing him and Yi Chenyan, but thought that Yi Chenyan was busy with work, and would not go home for the next two days, he silently put down the phone. 
Forget it, anyway, there is nothing wrong with it, you don’t have to bother Yi Chenyan.
Yang Jue looked at him silently. He didn’t like Yi Chenyan. He always believed that this marriage of Yang Anyu and Yi Chenyan was particularly ridiculous. It was wrong from beginning to end.

S City East District, Yang Family’s Villa.

Compared with the high-end community house in Wanxin Garden, Yang Anyu was amazed here. It occupies large area, with two gardens in front and rear, an open-air swimming pool and a spacious underground garage. 

Today, Mrs. Yang called everyone to come over. Their family occasionally get together for a meal, which is equivalent to a family gathering. 
Mrs. Yang is nearly 50 years old, but she is well maintained, and with a delicate makeup and a well-dressed style, she still has a charm. 
However, after her husband, Yang Peng, died; the smile on her face became less and less…

Several other aunts also wore gold and silver, all kinds of famous brands and jewelry, but compared to Mrs. Yang, their temperaments were obviously less.
She gave Yang Anyu the feeling just like the mother of the former general, who was the most noble old lady of the military.
Excepts one uncle’s not here because of business trip, the other uncles and the two aunts were present, they also brought their own children.
Yang Anyu looked at his cousin, who is older than him, and her seven and eight year old brother and sister. 

Yang Anyu was very well-behaved, smiling and saying hello to his brothers and sisters. The impression that the original owner left them was really terrible and now he has to recover. 
The family was surrounding a long table, Mrs. Yang glanced at Yang Anyu. 
Now the child’s hair is not colored and normal black, he is sitting upright, his back is straight, and the look of laughter is unexpectedly pleasing, not as bad as before, and he is generally more pleasing to the eye. 
Not only Mrs. Yang, other people who secretly look at Yang Anyu also thought so. 

In the evening, although Yi Chenyan was late, he returned home. 

Because every time he sees the word “sorry” in the text message, he is inexplicably worried.
He wanted to come back to comfort Yang Anyu, but found the house empty.

The usual smile, and the boy who was jumping was gone.
Suddenly, Yi Chenyan was at loss. 

Later, Yi Chenyan asked Li Ye, only to learn that Yang Anyu had returned to Yang. Staring at the text message on the phone, Yi Chenyan thought for a while and still could not help but sent a text message.

At this time, Yang Anyu was already sleeping.
His mobile phone screen flashed, and the strange number sent a new message:

[You were very good.
Don’t say anything like sorry, you have done a good job.]

Yang Anyu lived in the Yang family for a few days, and these days, Yi Chenyan went home every night to sleep and silently waited for Yang Anyu to come back. 
Li Wei saw this and wanted to inform Yang Anyu, but Yi Chenyan shook his head and did not let him do this. Yang Anyu should take this opportunity to get along well with Yang family. 
After all, you can not give up from blood relatives. Compared to here, that place is his real home.

In the first two days, Yang Anyu was somewhat uncomfortable in the Yang family, but now he was getting used to it.
Although Mrs. Yang still had a cold attitude, Uncle Guanjia and Aunt Ayi at home were very good people. Everything is arranged very thoughtfully. They will also ask the chef to cook the meals that Yang Anyu likes.
After work Yang Jue will also take Yang Anyu out for a stroll, they became more and more like brothers.

That evening, there was a heavy rain outside and Yang Anyu was quietly reading book in the house. 
Later, Yang Jue knocked on the door and came in: “Are you comfortable?”
“My home, of course I am comfortable.” Yang Anyu smiled. 
Yang Jue suddenly felt a little gratified, this younger brother really changed. Even if Yang Anyu does not enter the entertainment circle, he can let him learn to manage the company and do things with himself. 
But the most troublesome thing at the moment is the marriage of Yang Anyu and Yi Chenyan.

“Yang Anyu, you should divorce Yi Chenyan.”

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Anyways, thank you for waiting for the chapter ♥
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