FEAWFAT – Chapter 13

S City, Wanxin Garden, Nearly one o’clock in the morning

Yi Chenyan looked at Yang Anyu’s quiet sleeping face while listening to his “Silent Words”. 

“A lot of words are in my heart, it is difficult to speak; many times I face you, I can only speak without words…”

Yi Chenyan thought of what Jiang Ziqian said to him on the phone that day and found that there was a “The Voice of Tomorrow” registration form on the table, his heart suddenly became clear.
It turned out that the “super fan” who was very cheerful and outspoken was Yang Anyu. 

Yi Chenyan slid the music list and found that Yang Anyu’s cell phone contained all of the songs he sang two years before his debut. The surprise in his eyes gradually became another more complex emotion.

Subsequently, Yi Chenyan took Yang Anyu to the bed. He saw Yang Anyu’s bruises on his arms and legs, which was estimated to be caused by practicing dance.
“Yi… Yi Chenyan…” Suddenly Yang Anyu muttered, his voice was hoarse. 
Yi Chenyan only felt that his mood was getting more and more chaotic. After he covered Yang Anyu with a quilt, he left silently.
Early the next morning, Yang Anyu, who just woke up, was still confused. He habitually touched to the side of the bed to find his phone, but he could not touch it. Strange, he blinked his eyes, his brain worked now and suddenly sat up.

How could he be in bed? It was clear last night… 
So, someone came to his room, this person should not be..? 

After rushing out of bed, Yang Anyu smelled the fragrance as soon as he got out of the room. When he looked up, he just saw a certain actor surrounded by an apron and a bowl of hot red bean millet porridge in his hand
Yang An Yu was stunned, thinking that he saw it wrong, rubbed his eyes. 
Yi Chenyan was very calm: “Go wash your face and brush your teeth first, then come over for breakfast.”

Ten minutes later, Yang Anyu sipped a spoonful of red bean porridge in his mouth. His mouth was full of sweet taste, his heart was also sweet. Although Yi Chenyan had been away from home for more than two weeks, he actually went to cook and made breakfast for himself. 
Sure enough, no matter how the general changed, the general is still a good man! 

Yi Chenyan looked at Yang Anyu and thought that he was like a dog that was pure, honest and very easy to satisfy. 

“Which song do you plan to sing on the day of the re-election?” 

After being asked this question, Yang Anyu was obviously stunned, and even Yi Chenyan himself was somewhat puzzled. In the past, he never took the initiative to care about Yang Anyu.

At the thought of last night, Yang Anyu could not help but get embarrassed. When he woke up in the morning, the phone was not on the bed, but was placed on the desk, and Yi Chenyan must have known that he had been listening to his song. 

“I am preparing…” Yang Anyu has not the nerve to look at him, weakly said, “The song ‘The Limit’*.” (《極限》)

Unlike the other love songs of Yi Chenyan, the song “The Limit” is light and fast. It is about youth and dreams. It encourages people to work hard, to break through the limits of their own, to pursue their dreams. 
However, compared to Yi Chenyan’s “Silent Words”, this song is not famous and only a few people have heard it.
Yi Chenyan’s eyes were dark. 

He suddenly had some emotions. After eight years of debut, his mentality has long since changed and he may not be able to sing the passion and vitality of the song. Now, he has excellent acting skills, a large fan base and more and more awards but he has already deviated from the path of his choice. 

Seeing Yi Chenyan’s silence, Yang Anyu thought that he had said something wrong, and he was nervous: “I… I will try to sing it!” 
Yang Anyu’s eyes were black and bright, Yi Chenyan saw he was terrified. He suddenly had an urge to reach out and pat Yang Anyu’s small head. 
But in the next second, he was scared by his own thoughts and quickly recovered. 

Since there was still work during the day, it didn’t take long for Li Ye to come and pick up Yi Chenyan.
“Yang Anyu, sing it with your own style.” Before leaving, Yi Chenyan simply said this. 
This short sentence, seemed to give Yang Anyu great encouragement, he was suddenly excited, and nodded: “Yes, yes I certainly will!” 

Since the movie “Boxer” is about to launch soon, Yu Siyuan and Gu Xin who were the male and female protagonists had to go to the well-known variety show in China to advertise the movie, and they flew back to S City today.

“Yan Ge, what do you say? Yang Anyu him… He participated in ‘The Voice of Tomorrow’?” Just arrived home, Yu Siyuan frowned. 
After the “Boxer” movie, he only hoped that Yang Anyu would continue to eat, drink, and play. Since he was a young master, he would not step into the entertainment circle. Can Yang Anyu himself actually pass the election or is this what Yang Jue arranged? 

The Yang family brothers are not close. He has already heard this from others. In the past every time Yang Anyu came to the company, he would quarrel with Yang Jue, and then would left in an angry way. The Yang family also looked down on the illegitimate child.
But now, why the hell does he act like this?

“Yeah.” Yan Feng nodded. “Siyuan, we can’t intervene in this matter.” 
“I know.” 
Because the company sent people to remind Yu Siyuan and Yan Feng before, they also arranged Yu Siyuan’s activities in the field, so he is afraid to make trouble. 
But when he thought that Yang Anyu might enter the circle, he get inexplicably upset and irritated. 

When Li Ye* saw the tangled look of Yu Siyuan, he guessed what he thought, but he was very calm: “Siyuan, Yang Anyu’s identity once used, in fact, may have the counter effects.”  (I believe the author made a mistake with the name for the first sentence and wanted to say Yan Feng)
“What do you mean?” 
“Public opinion.” Yan Feng sneered. 

It has been about three weeks since the sea election. And today is the day of the re-election.
In the early morning, Yang Anyu received another text message from the strange number. 

[Keep it up*] (【加油】) (Jiayou)

This time there are only two* words, the content is getting less and less, but Yang Anyu still smiles, he can feel the goodwill and friendliness.
As he still couldn’t get through, Yang Anyu had to reply. 

[Thank you, I will work hard] 

Since the other party does not want to show his identity, Yang Anyu does not force it since it can give the other party some difficulties. 

S-city Xingfeng TV station, this re-election was in a larger studio and the performance time was extended to five minutes. The number of players who have obtained the selection certificate is about 50. According to the singing situation, 20 players will be selected. 
Soon after, these 20 successful players will formally participate in the recording of “The Voice of Tomorrow”, and once they get on this stage, they will also be recognized by the audience throughout the country. 

This time, the program group arranged makeup artists and stylists for the players, but the dressing room was shared by many people. When the backstage lounge was ready, Yang Anyu appeared, and many people’s eyes all gathered on him. 
Yang Anyu is naturally aware that these eyes are not good; jealous or even hateful. 

“Hey, do you know? This young master of the Yang family, in fact, should be eliminated at the time of the election. He can now participate in the re-election only because of his connections.” 

“The entertainment circle itself is already in chaos, this second-generation ancestor had a good stay at home, but he had to come and add more chaos by wanting to play a star game.”

“To be honest, some people are also relying on the face and the background, this is normal. But this little master is ignorant and incompetent. After entering the circle at most, he is going to be a vase. Also I heard that he used to often fight and be together with all men and women. There are a lot of bad rumors, hey, in case he offends someone, the black material that can be thrown out is simply countless!”
Some people who seemed to wear colored glasses started talking. 
Guo Lixu’s face is getting more and more ugly. He just want to go forward and say something, but Yang Anyu stopped him: “Calm down.”
Guo Lixu looked at Yang Anyu, and suddenly remembered that there were often various rumors about him in the school. Yang Anyu was too lazy to argue and chosed silence but he gradually used his own real actions to change the view.

“Don’t be angry for me, I am used to this kind of thing.” Yang Anyu shrugged his shoulders, he had a relaxed face. “It doesn’t matter.” 
If this anger affects his emotions, he can’t sing like normal. Isn’t that what the others want? 
He will speak with facts.

After Qin Nuoxi swept the people coldly, he pulled Yang Anyu directly and sat down on one side. 
“Don’t be nervous, that is your stage.” Qin Nuoxi encouraged Yang Anyu. 
In the past few weeks, Yang Anyu’s efforts have been seen in his eyes. Although it is difficult to improve his singing skills, with his dance, Yang Anyu’s overall performance is not too bad, maybe there is hope.

“Yes, it is like the usual practice, I believe in you.” Guo Lixu also said. 
“Nuoxi, Lixu, you can rest assured, I will use this ” The Limit” to hit those people’s faces!” Yang Anyu patted his chest and smiled confidently. 
Seeing his spirit, Qin Nuoxi and Guo Lixu could not help but smile.

This time of the re-election, the former two female judges were replaced by more professional musicians. Jiang Ziqian and the strict He Yi teacher still sat on as jury. 
“Yang Anyu, what are you going to sing today? Or is it again a song of Yi Chenyan?” Jiang Ziqian asked. 
Yang Anyu nodded: “Well, I want to perform ‘The Limit’.” 

Hearing this, Jiang Ziqian touched his chin, smiled and said: “I appreciate your persistence and courage. Let’s start.”
When the music started, Yang Anyu began to sing and dance. The sound is inevitably a little trembled but the clear and cheerful singing, coupled with the sense of rhythm, is very appealing, as if to mobilize the whole body cells.

Suddenly, Yang Anyu’s earphones creaked and he couldn’t hear the music accompaniment. Several pats were wrong and the rhythm was completely messed up.
Everyone was shocked! 

On the spot, it was a few seconds, and Yang Anyu closed his eyes and sighed. With a natural sense of rhythm, he regained his tone.
Yang Anyu, who recovered, sang again. He danced, bursting with youthful vigor and finally, laughing at the end of the performance.

In the moment when Yang Anyu was deeply embarrassed, the audience immediately gave off a warm applause. 

Not only the four judges, but also the male host next to him laughing and clapping for him: “Yang Anyu, thank you for your wonderful performance.”

This applause made Yang Anyu somewhat embarrassed, his sweat on his forehead, chest ups and downs, still breathing slightly, but his eyes were bright, like smashing three thousand stars. 

It seems that everything is no longer important. It is enough to have their applause at the moment. 

The applause gradually stopped, but the next second, He Yi still pressed the negative red light. Jiang Ziqian was coveted, and his hand was placed in the position of the red light.

Thank you for waiting! I’m sorry I keep making mistakes on sharing chapters in novelupdates T.T


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  1. I’m glad he doesn’t have the golden voice all of sudden, he’s practicing and can improve, but with time. For now let’s see how far he goes.
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